May 12, 2021


A new IPNDV brochure, “Collaborate, Innovate, Verify: Pathways to Verifiable Nuclear Disarmament,” summarizes the Partnership’s work in the broader context of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the importance of effective verification in order to enable future nuclear disarmament. The brochure details how the Partnership has brought together technical and policy experts from more than 25 countries to identify challenges associated with nuclear disarmament verification and to develop innovative monitoring and verification solutions. The brochure outlines how this work has been facilitated through various meetings, exercises, technical demonstrations, and events.

This brochure is based on the walk-through exhibition that was created to be shown at the IPNDV public outreach symposium, which was ultimately cancelled due to COVID-19. The symposium, which was to be held just before the 2020 NPT Review Conference, was an opportunity for IPNDV partners to showcase their work alongside other exciting progress being made in the field of nuclear disarmament verification.

A preview of the brochure is below. Click here to download the full PDF.