Prepared By:
Working Group 5



This paper captures the results of a major part of the work in Phase II of IPNDV’s Working Group 5.  The paper puts forward a conceptual description of the verification process at each of the 14 steps in the nuclear weapon dismantlement process that was outlined by IPNDV in Phase I of its work.  In particular, the paper includes a series of “step maps” that elaborate verification objectives, information requirements and possible inspection approach for each step, including routine inspection and ad hoc tasks. Potential inspection technologies, as well as constraints on inspection activities, and possible pathways for diversion and/or substitution of declared items are examined in this paper. The paper discusses in further detail many of the issues in verification of the nuclear weapon dismantlement that are common to one or more of the 14 steps, or that focus on the dismantlement process as a whole.

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