Some Thoughts on Verification Objectives, Declarations, and Their Implications from the Perspective of an Inspecting Entity


From the perspective of a multilateral inspecting entity (Inspector), this paper discusses Inspectors’ verification objectives in a notional nuclear disarmament agreement. In light of that discussion, it explores how those objectives shape the perspectives of Inspectors regarding what verification provisions should be included in any nuclear disarmament agreement and the implementation of such provisions, especially inspection activities. It then provides a short description of different types of declarations and their role in nuclear disarmament verification. That description forms the basis on which to consider what the content of such declarations should be and how they should be implemented, again from the perspective of Inspectors.

To illustrate its points, this paper uses the International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification (IPNDV) Basic Scenario that has helped to structure the IPNDV’s work. In the scenario, summarized by the text box to the right, several nuclear-armed states commit to reduce, dismantle, and eliminate part of their nuclear arsenals. The paper draws on analysis conducted by the IPNDV. It also reflects some of the insights gained from a series of table-top exercises carried out by the IPNDV. This paper is a companion piece to the paper on verification objectives, declarations, and implications from the perspective of an inspected (Host) state.

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This was developed with generous financial support from the Government of Canada.