February 2, 2018


In the month after the official release of the results of the first phase of IPNDV work, the initiative has garnered media attention for its conclusions relating to multilateral nuclear verification and the broad reach of its more than 25 participating countries.

Arms Control Today highlighted key features of the Partnership:  the creation of a 14-step dismantlement framework; incorporation of past dismantlement and verification exercises; participation by a range of countries; and IPNDV’s role for participating nuclear weapon states to fulfill Article VI commitments under the NPT.

Homeland Preparedness News emphasized the importance of including countries with and without nuclear weapons in the Partnership, to build global capacity for future multilateral disarmament initiatives.

The U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) highlighted its involvement in the Partnership, providing technical expertise. Deputy Director of NNSA’s Office of Nuclear Verification Michele Smith co-chaired the Technical Challenges and Solutions Working Group in Phase I, and is co-chairing the Technologies for Verification Working Group for Phase II.

Learn more about Phase I and Phase II of IPNDV here.