Phase I

Terms of Reference

Specific technologies and methods will be needed to support future arms control and disarmament initiatives. Nuclear warhead verification and monitored dismantlement of nuclear weapons in particular will require extensive collaboration, technology development, and testing. While significant contributions have already been made, this work has largely been focused within a handful of states and many issues remain unresolved.

The Working Group on Technical Challenges and Solutions (WG 3) worked to develop solutions for key technical challenges for Nuclear Weapons States and Non-nuclear Weapons States related to nuclear disarmament verification, particularly issues focusing on nuclear warhead authentication, methods for establishing and maintaining chain of custody, and data and equipment authentication. The working group coordinated its work with Working Groups 1 and 2. It began by surveying related research and initiatives undertaken to date. The Working Group acknowledged the complete nuclear warhead lifecycle, but their initial focus was on the nuclear warhead dismantlement process and the monitored storage of nuclear materials resulting from dismantled nuclear warheads.

Key Questions and Assessments
Activities and Output