July 29, 2022



The IPNDV hosted a virtual panel event at the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Institute for Nuclear Materials Management (INMM) on July 25, 2022. The virtual conference brought together policymakers, leading researchers, academicians, NGOs, and practitioners to share progress on projects and discuss priorities across a variety of nuclear material management sectors.

IPNDV experts presented on the Partnership’s work over the past year in a panel event titled Verifying the Future: Updates from the International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification. The session served as an opportunity for the Partnership to share updates, insights, and lessons learned from its nuclear disarmament verification work with the INMM community.

Panelists included Irmgard Niemeyer, head of the Division of Nuclear Safeguards and Security at Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany; Elaine Kanasewich, acting director for the International and Government Relations Division at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission; and Hojung Do, a researcher at the Korea Institute of Nuclear Nonproliferation and Control (KINAC) at the Center for Nuclear Nonproliferation Strategy & Technology. The panel discussion was moderated by Nuclear Threat Initiative Program Officer Jessica Bufford.

The IPNDV returned to in-person meetings and exercises in April 2022 with the  Nuclear Disarmament Verification Exercise (NuDiVe 2022) hosted jointly by Germany and France in Jülich, Germany. This was a flow-on exercise after the initial NuDiVe exercise held in September 2019. Then in June, the Partners met in Brussels, Belgium and conducted a tabletop exercise, JUNEX 22, that examined processes, procedures, techniques, and technologies for verification of nuclear warhead transportation and long-term storage.

During the panel, Niemeyer provided an overview of and key takeaways from NuDiVe 2022. In their presentations, Kanasewich and Do spoke about their experiences at JUNEX 22 and discussed how their respective countries have engaged with the Partnership’s work. All of them shared how much they have learned about the challenges and the opportunities in the disarmament process and how IPNDV is providing valuable insights into that process.

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