Deliverable Nine: Chain of Custody Papers and Presentations

Prepared By:
Working Group 3



Working Group 3, co-chaired by Sweden and the United States, sought to identify solutions for key technical challenges related to monitoring nuclear disarmament. Specifically, the group was tasked with the development of a chain of custody (CoC) paper, presentation, or demonstration involving unique identification and tamper-indicating devices in a specific environment, such as a mock warhead storage area. By the term CoC, the Working Group referred to technologies that can be used to establish and maintain the integrity and/or identification of objects for as long as stipulated.

Several presentations of such technologies were given, first during a February 2016 Working Group meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, and then later in May 2016 during a Working Group meeting hosted by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Ispra, Italy. These presentations and subsequent in-depth discussions on CoC technologies, resulted in Working Group 3’s Chain of Custody Technologies Mapping Table with references to more detailed technology papers on each potential technology. The CoC technologies were divided into three categories: Surveillance, Containment, and Identification.

Final Papers

You can download the presentations and CoC technology papers here.


Supporting Background Documents

More information on each CoC technology is available in the following supporting background technology data sheets:

  1. 3D Facility Verification and Change Detection Technology
  2. 3D Identification and Containment Technology
  3. 3D Surveillance Technology
  4. Accelerometers
  5. Radiation Detection Technology
  6. Tamper Indicating Seals and Enclosures Technology
  7. Container Integrity Assessment Technology
  8. Optical Change Detection Technology
  9. RFID Technology Data Sheet
  10. UID Technology Data Sheet

(Image photo credit: Dean Calma / IAEA)