Deliverable 3: The Skills, Areas of Expertise, and Resources Needed, and the Way Forward for Building These Capacities

Prepared By:
Working Group 1



The skills, areas of expertise, and resources needed for nuclear disarmament verification may be categorized in multiple ways, and may be different at different stages of the process.
In order to develop a verification regime, there is a need for experts who are knowledgeable about the political dimensions of disarmament, non-proliferation, and arms control as well as the many technical aspects of the complex process of dismantling nuclear weapons in a safe, secure, and verifiable manner. Capacity building for nuclear disarmament verification should be considered in a step-wise approach.

This paper from Working Group 1, a final deliverable of IPNDV Phase I, outlines the skills, areas of expertise, and resources needed for building these capacities.

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For more information on capacity building opportunities worldwide, read this supporting article prepared by Working Group 1.