Food-for-Thought Paper: Technical Requirements for Application of Verification Technologies

Prepared By:
Working Group 3



IPNDV Working Group 3 has identified numerous technologies that have the potential of being applied in the process of nuclear disarmament verification. These include technologies (1) for authentication of a Nuclear Explosive Device (NED, before dismantlement)*, (2) for authentication of Special Nuclear Material and High Explosives (after dismantlement), and
(3) for maintaining chain of custody (CoC) throughout the process.

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*Throughout this document, the term “Nuclear Explosive Device,” (NED) is used to refer to the item subject to monitoring and inspection activities. The term “NED” was used to address specific technical considerations related to the definition of a nuclear weapon that arose during discussions among experts. Other products produced by the Partnership use the more generic term “nuclear weapon.” The latter usage is devoid of any specific technical meaning and relies on a general understanding of the term.