Deliverable Seven: A series of presentations on key activities and lessons learned from previous verification initiatives

Prepared By:
Working Group 3



Working Group 3, co-chaired by Sweden and the United States, sought to identify solutions for key technical challenges related to monitoring nuclear disarmament, particularly issues relating to nuclear warhead authentication:

  • Is the item presented really a nuclear weapon?
  • What are the methods for establishing and maintaining chain of custody of both items and facilities?
  • Is the monitoring data genuine and is the equipment functioning as expected?

Working Group 3 began by surveying related research and initiatives undertaken to date. The Working Group received a series of presentations on previous key activities and lessons learned from the joint U.S.-UK technical cooperation on nuclear disarmament verification, UK-Norway Initiative, and from individual Partners. This allowed the Working Group to begin to understand the technical requirements and constraints for monitoring nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons dismantlement and to begin to understand various technologies available for the given Basic Dismantlement Scenario.

Final Document

A summary document of this deliverable can be downloaded below.

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