Insights and Lessons from the IPNDV’s Nuclear Disarmament Verification Exercises


Now in its third multi-year phase, the International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification (IPNDV) continues to address the challenges and potential solutions involved with future nuclear disarmament verification. The IPNDV’s work provides a critical conceptual and practical foundation for pursuit of a world without nuclear weapons.

Phase III of the IPNDV began in January 2020. Shifting “from paper to practice,” this phase emphasizes using a scenario-based approach to test and assess inspection processes, procedures, techniques, and technologies (PPTT) for verification of the different disarmament steps set out by the IPNDV’s 14-Step model of the nuclear warhead dismantlement process.

This report aims to cross-examine and highlight parallels across all four major virtual or in-person exercises that the Partners have conducted in Phase III thus far. In so doing, it draws on the more specific exercise reports and also complements the Phase III interim report, Building a Nuclear Disarmament Verification Tool Kit, that documented the accomplishments of Phase III through the first two years.

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This was developed with generous financial support from the Government of Canada.