JUNEX22 Tabletop Exercise: Initial Transport and Long-Term Storage Inspections of Nuclear Warhead Transport and Long-Term Storage


From June 27–29, 2022, the International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification (IPNDV) conducted an in-person tabletop exercise (JUNEX22) to test and assess inspection processes, procedures, techniques, and technologies (PPTT) drawn from the Phase II Working Group 5 report Verification of Each of the 14 Steps of Nuclear Weapon Dismantlement.

This report provides a detailed summary of JUNEX22. It begins with an overview of the exercise. It then sets out some observations on implementing the agreed PPTT in JUNEX22 as well as on broader implications for thinking about nuclear disarmament verification; possible areas for future work; and some preliminary implications for future exercises. In so doing, it draws on the discussion among participants and makes every effort to be faithful to that discussion.

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This was developed with generous financial support from the Government of Canada.