April 21, 2020


As part of the IPNDV outreach symposium, “Innovations in Nuclear Disarmament Verification: Advancing Technology and Approaches,” a call was put out for poster submissions from academics, technical experts, and government agencies to showcase the unique nuclear disarmament verification research being conducted around the world. More than 15 posters were received as a result of this call. Below, you can download the posters as PDF files by clicking on the images.   

Detecting the Presence and Location of Nuclear Material via a Novel Gamma Imaging Technology

D. Boardman, A. Flynn, L. Chartier, M. Guenette, N. Karantonis, J. Ilter, G. Watt, A. Sarbutt, Lennon Petkovich, Tagziria, A. Rozite, F. Raiola

Fuel Cycle Modelling as a Disarmament Verification Tool

Anuradha Damale

Experiments Show that Epithermal Neutron Beams can be used for Physically Cryptographic Warhead Verification 

Ezra Engel, Areg Danagoulian

Integrated Nuclear Archaeology  

Antonio Figueroa, Malte Goettsche

Examining the Effects of Different Shielding Configurations on the Sensitivity of Neutron and Gamma Based Verification Techniques  

Yannick Fischer, Patrick Schuck, Simon Hebel, Gerald Kirchner

Epithermal Neutron Resonance Imaging for Nuclear Disarmament

Ethan A. Klein

Evaluating the Detectability of Fissile Material

Manuel Kreutle, Gerald Kirchner

New Concepts for Template-Based Information Barriers: IBX & IBX II

M. Kütt, A. Glaser


Data Science in Nuclear Disarmament Verification – Extracting Verification-relevant Information from Geospatial Big Data

Irmgard Niemeyer

Disarmament Verification via Intrinsically Safeguarded Information

Eduardo Padilla

Deferred Verification: Verifiable Declarations of Fissile Material Stocks

Pavel Podvig, Joseph Rodgers, Presented by Laetitia Zarkan

Simplifying the Elimination of Fissile Materials and Nuclear Weapons

Pavel Podvig, Ryan Snyder, Presented by Laetitia Zarkan

Portal Monitor for Authentication and Certification

Dr. Alicia Swift

Robust Neutron Field Direction and Spectrum Measurement Demonstrated with the nFacet 3D Detector

Nicholas Reed & Antonin Vacheret

Warhead Verification with NRF

Jayson R. Vavrek

Evidence of Absence: Verifying the Removal of Nuclear Weapons

Pavel Podvig, Ryan Snyder, Wilfred Wan

Development of an NQR Demonstrator for High Explosives Verification in Arms Control

P. Dodd, C. Entwistle, R. Jenkinson, I. Laurie, J. May, S. McOmish, S. Pitts, J. Schofield, B. Stanley, N. Thompson, A. Axelsson, H. Lundén, M. Nordberg, D. Sunhede, J. Wirstam, B. Zachhuber

Verifying Baseline Declarations of Fissile Materials for Stability and Irreversibility of Nuclear Disarmament

Madalina Wittel, Malte Göttsche


Please note, the views expressed in these posters do not necessarily reflect the views of the IPNDV or its individual partners.