Phase II


The main focus of this working group was how to verify a declaration of a number of nuclear weapons in a State. The role of other declarations, documentation, and information from a State related to nuclear disarmament was also considered. The role of notifications and exchange of information related to agreed categories of numbers was also  examined. Questions the group considered are: How to confirm items are as declared under an agreement? How to verify numbers and status when access to all systems may not be timely (e.g. at sea deployment)? How to keep track of numbers over many years, including when systems are refurbished and replaced (as well as eliminated and the overall number declared reduces)? What types of declarations, documentation, and supporting information should be pursued as part of inspection and monitoring under a nuclear disarmament agreement?

Consideration was given to different categories of nuclear weapons, including deployed or nondeployed systems, and how to differentiate them. The central issues that needed to be resolved included: the verification of the correctness of any declaration made by a State regarding weapon numbers; and how to ensure the completeness of such a declaration within possible Treaty scenarios. The development of specific verification options for different locations and scenarios was the goal of the group.